Hard to believe this day in age wild pigs running are running free, but they are in Middleburg NY.

Residents say the 300 lb pigs are aggressive and attacking their property. Len Duckman tells WTEN that it's not funny. "It's funny for people who don't live here; they laugh at it," He's been battling the hogs for 17 years. They've ruined his pumpkin patch, hurt his dog, and caused him to get 26 stitches in his finger according to WTEN.

These issues date back to 2009. The owners of the pigs have been issued six tickets for grazing on NYS Land and in 2011, and the judge ordered to owners to keep them contained, but it's not being enforced. The pigs are still on the loose making problems for many in Schoharie County.

The sheriff tells WTEN that his office is working with New York State Police and the DEC to find a solution. What would you do if this was in the CNY area? Would your freezer be full of pork chops, ham and bacon?

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[Information From WTEN]

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