UPDATE 10/15/17:  Video and photos of the devastating fire at Herkimer Diamond Mine from Saturday Morning. What are your best memories of the family-friendly destination?

All fire personnel in Herkimer County were called to the Herkimer Diamond Mine early Saturday morning, October 14, 2017, as it was engulfed in flames. It was called an out of control fire at the Herkimer Diamond Mine offices and gift shop on Route 28 in Herkimer. The Utica OD says fire crews have extinguished the blaze with no injuries, but the offices lie in rubble.

WKTV is reporting that fire officials are currently investigating the fire. Herkimer Diamond Mines President and Owner Dr. Renee' Sialdo Shevat tells News Channel 2 that she is devastated at what has happened, but she does plan to rebuild.

Special thanks to Robert Lynch for use of photos and video.

[Information from News Channel 2 and Utica OD]

Bonus Video:

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