You may remember this one. For some reason I wanted to watch it and make sure I'm still alive. I'm on the hunt for others like this. It's enough of a adrenalin rush for me.

I'm scared of heights. My daughter and I went to the Empire State Building and she was teasing me by getting really close to the edge at the top. My sane mind knew she was safe but my fear kicked in and I made her stand next to me as I hung on to the wall for dear life.

Watching videos like this sometimes make me sick to my stomach, but I like to be scared riding a roller coaster. This is amazing video. A woman's GoPro camera falls from an airplane and lands in a pig pen on her property. The ending is absolutely excellent. Couldn't have been planned any better. The woman found her phone about 8 months after this happen.

Some of the comments are pretty good. The one I like the best says something like "This is a good metaphor for life. One minute you're flying high; the next you are getting eaten by a pig."

Here it is in slow motion.

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