A Herkimer County farmer is in a pile of trouble and busted for illegal dumping of pig poo.

The Katie Jakaub of the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) was on a kayaking trip on the West Canada Creek when she came across a pile of manure mixed with sawdust in the water. The creek is a protected trout stream in the town of Russia. Jakaub went back the next day, and the property owner said what she found was manure and straw bedding from pigs that had been dumped during the winter.

The landowner admitted to depositing the waste and was issued a summons for the offense, where he'll have to answer to the Town of Russia Court.

For more details visit the DEC.

Photo via the DEC
Photo via the DEC

This is a shot of the manure disposal site from the bank of the West Canada Creek from the DEC.

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