We recently stumbled across a personality test we'd never seen before. It's pretty simple and it seems pretty darn accurate.

The test was developed by biological anthropologist and author Helen Fisher. It identifies our basic personality traits and helps us match up better with other humans, when it comes to work, friendship, and love. Four hormones we all have--dopamine, serotonin, testosterone, and estrogen--are "measured" and we are sorted into four basic types:

  • Explorer. Those whose traits--curiosity, creativity, spontaneity, energy, restlessness--that match up with the dopamine system. (Famous explorers: JFK, Angelina Jolie.)
  • Builder. Those whose traits--calmness, caution, persistence, detail-oriented--that are linked with serotonin. (Famous builders: Tiger Woods, Jennifer Aniston.)
  • Director. Those with behavioral traits--decisiveness, competitiveness, analytical-mindedness and assertiveness--that are ruled by testosterone. (Famous directors: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton.)
  • Negotiator. Those with characteristics--intuitiveness, introspection, imagination, empathy, strong verbal skills--that are linked to the estrogen system. (Famous negotiators: Bill Clinton, Gandhi.)

It's interesting that Negotiators and Directors bond well with each other, while Builders do best with other Builders, and Explorers seek other Explorers.

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