Do We Work At Work?
Do you ever deviate from your responsibilities at work? C'mon now, admit it, you check your Facebook feed or sit back and chat with co-workers about who knows what right?
We Salute All Receptionists Today
Today is "National Receptionists Day", and we salute those of you who serve in that role in an office or business. How many times have you gone to the dentist, a business or other office and have been impressed by that first face you see...the receptionist? She or he in many cases …
4 Ways To Exercise At Work
Remember that New Years resolution you had about getting in better shape? Have you really kept it? Well, if one of your excuses is because you “work in an office and can’t get in shape”, that’s not true. You can exercise at work and it won&…
Humble Bosses Are More Effective
Some employers like to rule with an iron fist. They like to separate themselves from their staff, and not be a friend, but are just the boss. This may not be working though because according to a new study suggests humble bosses are actually more effective.

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