Molly is almost 19 years old and has already done more than most musicians do who are more than twice her age! She's a college student who picks up a guitar and wows crowds both big and small, locally and nationally while trying to fit in her studies on the road. She's from Vernon, but will likely not be around much longer as she has her sights set on bigger and better things! She's only been playing guitar for as long as she's been in high school, but wait till you hear what gig she's trying to land next!


photo: Robert Wile Photography
photo: Robert Wile Photography

Meet The Girl Behind The Guitar In Pacinello...

Now, Listen To What's In Store For Her!

Lastly, here's some video of the girl and her axe as she and Pacinello opened for All American Rejects last year... She has a HUGE crush on the lead singer Tyson and to her chagrin he got hitched this past month. I'm sure another worthy dude will step up to fill his shoes after this morning!



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