If you were hanging out on Saturday Night watching Headbanger's Ball, you are familiar with Tora Tora.

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Their videos for "Walkin' Shoes", "Phantom Rider" and "Amnesia" were all over Music Television. Their styling of hard rock with a bluesy Memphis swagger was infectious, garnering them critical acclaim and fan adoration.

And this Friday, you will get to hear some classic Tora Tora songs live as singer Anthony Corder opens for Quiet Riot at Cohoes Music Hall.

I recently had a chance to talk to Anthony about performing acoustically, the band's history with New York and what is next for Tora Tora.

On playing Cohoes this Friday Night -

I am so thrilled man. I am so excited to be getting up in the New York area. When the band started out, we were based out of Memphis, TN but when we first started travelling and got the record deal, we were based out of Brooklyn, New York.... They put us to work in the northeast, so we always feel like the northeast is like our second home.

On first hearing Quiet Riot

It was undeniable. Quiet Riot was everywhere when [Metal Health] broke. They were all over the place. And they were just a mainstay forever. It just speaks a lot to them, the longevity they've had and the audience they kept and followed and the legacy that continues....It's amazing. They are keeping the music alive.

For more from Anthony Corder, listen to the full interview below. And come see Quiet Riot with Anthony Corder this Friday, October 13 at Cohoes Music Hall.

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