50 musicians in 50 days

Meet Devin Garramone - 50 Musicians In 50 Days
Devin's is a name I'd heard before entering the music scene as a player and I'm proud that he's been a part of my musical journey almost since it began. His versatility allows him to burn a solo over the most complex jazz changes, and also to fit into just about any other musical…
Meet Tom Townsley - 50 Musicians In 50 Days
We've had guitar players, bass players, drummers, singers and keyboard players, but as the first blues guy on the show for the 50 Musicians series, Tom Townsley gets the word out about a branch of the music scene that quite literally birthed all of the others
Meet Jeff Moyer Of 'Square Pegs' - 50 Musicians In 50 Days
Another arm of the Moyer family musical dynasty, this one may be the youngest, but he's so talented it's ridiculous! From perfect pitch to drum pounding to upside down bass (that's right, the opposite of upright) to singing his cajones off, that's all just a drop in the bucket

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