If you haven't met the guy behind the bass in the band Classified, then you're not going to want to miss this! I've seen Greeley Ford play many times but never had the chance to really have a good conversation with him and I'm blown away at his story... A New Jersey native who went from hanging in a musical epicenter like L.A., to landing right here in Utica, his bass has seen some miles and you'll love how he got here and why he stays! Sit back and enjoy Greeley as we chat it up...

Find Out How Greeley Got To Where He Is...

photo: (Greeley Ford) Rick Perkins

Listen On As He Talks 'Classified' And Family.

I forgot to get a picture with him, lemme see if I can flag him down, but in the meantime here's shot of us on our first performance ever together this past Christmas... Pictured left to right are Kelly Yacco, Freddy Piperetta, myself, Greeley, Justin Smithson and Ryan Quinn


photo: Tim Perry / TSM


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