For as small a town as it is, Little Falls sure knows how to attract big attention. From being a shooting location for John Krasinski's Quiet Place to now hosting Grammy-nominated Blues artist, Danielle Nicole. Her show is the last Saturday of this month at 730 at Benton Hall and tickets are just $20 in advance.

Her latest album was nominated for Best Contemporary Blues Album at last year's Grammys and if you're largely unfamiliar with the blues, let's just say that were it not for this style, jazz, rock, pop or anything else that came after simply wouldn't exist. Here's what you can expect at a Danielle Nicole show...

Danielle Nicole is a performer of exceptional talent, particularly as a live performer. Not all performers are kick-ass live performers. We’ve all been to concerts where the performance has been ‘ok’. She is a live performer that you just want to get more of. She puts it all out there.

Read more about Danielle and how this one-of-a-kind show came about HERE.

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