The second guy to represent 'Cuse and to represent country music on the show too, Mick Fury (yeah, he knows... minus the eyepatch) is blazing trails with his shooting star of a band formerly called Silent Fury, now they've got a new 'countrified' (country-FRIED??) name, Midnight Moonshine! Mick and the boys have a new disc out, Sunday Funday and some fabulous YouTube videos to go along with it which collectively have over 60k views in just the last few months! Meet this witty front man and whether or not he finally wins this year's 'Country Record of the Year' Sammy, he and Midnight Moonshine are forever immortalized in the 50 Musicians in 50 Days!!


photo: (Mick Fury) Jen Smith

Meet this 'Country Avenger' and his band of powerhouse Syracuse musicians!


album cover photo: Kevin Craw

Find out where to catch the band and learn a bit more about Mick...


Watch the video of their first single that kicked it all off!



And now their latest single...