Keyboard players are a dying breed around here, especially really good ones, but here comes Steve Laureti carrying the torch with class and definitely wields his black-and-whites with obvious and hard-earned facility. He's the king of the keys at Turning Stone Casino and I was more than happy to offer up my keys for him to play on today. He's only the second piano player in studio for this series but represents our ranks quite tastily and you won't wanna miss the way his hands punch out some MJ on his radio debut!


photo: (Steve Laureti) Mallory Peryer

Meet Steve and find out why he is 'The chosen One' of the piano men!


photo: (Steve Laureti) Keith James / TSM

Now hear those fingers as he covers some Michael Jackson!


Here's the music video that Steve and I talked about!



And here is one of Steve's expertly done (and well received) classic/contemporary mashups, enjoy!