A new study shows that guys with more testosterone in their systems are more likely to practice safe sex. This finding calls into question the widely held belief that “macho” guys are more excited by risky behavior, but only slightly.

In a study of male college students, ages 18 to 19, participants were asked questions about their health, sexual activity and attitudes toward condoms and other safe-sex practices. Nearly half of the participants had already engaged in sexual activity. Humble brag fellas?!?

After collecting responses and saliva samples, the researchers found that the young men with higher levels of testosterone had more positive attitudes toward safe-sex behaviors. This was unexpected because, historically, science and society have linked risky life choices to men with higher levels of the hormone. Also unexpected was the fact that all the men woke up in time for the test.

Perhaps the results of this study are just based on the idea that most young men are just scared poopless of getting a disease, or possibly, their partner pregnant. College guys like skipping class to watch the Maury Povich show, but that doesn’t mean they want to be a guest.

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