When it comes to style I know absolutely nothing. It wasn’t only till recently that I started matching my clothing, and learning the hard way that ripped shorts are really lame. But, I know enough to know using bugs with anything fashion related must be pure disgusting and wrong.

Some women recently have been inspired by Mayan customs and have been putting gold and jewels on live beetles. That’s right, these insects are wearing gold. Not only are they adding gold, they are using those beetles as a brooch called The Maquech Broach. They let a live beetle crawl around on their lapels on a clipped leash. Why?

It’s pretty freaky and weird, and better yet illegal. These beetles need to be imported from out of the country. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has been keeping an eye out for them at their checkpoints.

All I can say is really? Why would you wear a beetle? Could you not go to the store and buy normal jewelry? Ok so let’s look past that part, but what about the beetle? Do you have to feed it? Do you have to give it a good place to sleep?

All these questions and more are flowing through my head.




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