It's always fun to learn little known facts about the town you call home.

There was a celebration of the bugle called TAPS, in 2012 celebrating 150 years. I'll bet you didn't know that celebration took place. Don't feel bad I didn't either.

It gets better. Do you have an American Express card in your wallet? Well, that company was started by John Butterfield, Daniel's Father.

Daniel Adams Butterfield was born in Utica in 1831 to John Butterfield and Malinda Butterfield. Daniel Butterfield was enrolled at private schools including Utica Academy in 1849.

During the civil war, Daniel Butterfield rose to the rank of Brigadier General and his connection to the bugle Taps started. c

Pretty interesting huh? Well, it gets better, as Daniel Butterfield was given credit for composing Taps and he was mentioned in the movie Gettysburg.

There's a little fact that you can amuse your friends with the next time you have people over.




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