If you are a dog person this is for you. Every year we talk about what not to feed your pet at Thanksgiving and it's that time again, only let's look at what is good instead.

Let's take a different tact this year and look at what you can feed your pet and not have to worry about a trip to the vet, according to the petMD.

Number 1 on my list is making sure no guest feeds your pet without your knowledge. Usually, you will find there is always one that sneaks a piece or two to the beggar under the table.

2. Carrots, raw. I know our little beggars love carrot as much as life itself. This is an easy one to remember.

3. Turkey, however, make sure you remove skin and bones. The skin by itself is way too fatty for your pets. The bones are a really big no-no. Turkey bones are not sturdy and splinter, causing a multitude of problems.

4. Mashed potatoes. Make sure they don't contain all the things we humans find so tasty. No cheese, sour cream, onions or gravy.

5. Plain pasta. Oscar, our yellow nape Amazon parrot absolutely loves plain pasta and your pet will too I bet.

6. Green beans, another of Oscars favorites. Make sure they are plain, no additional ingredients. A green bean casserole would be a no-no.

If there is an even the slightest question of whether something is ok, err on the side of caution and don't feed your pet that item. While we all like to feed our pets as if they were kids sometimes it is better, in the long run, to be safe and just give them the dog food their system is already accustomed to.


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