When in a relationship the average american will reportedly spend $130 on their significant other. We even average $5 per pet. That's an extra $30 in my house. So far I'm up to $160 add in the average for the hubby and we are up to $290.00. Ummm I probably should have put that in the budget. Oh and BTW this is NSFW.

Like it or not Valentines day is almost here. If your in a relationship you really should do something for the person in your life. I know it is very commercialized which put added pressure on everyone. Most ladies do want bragging rights and men want to be bragged about right?. Here are some facts about Valentines Day and please remember NSFW.

That is crazy right? 224 million roses grown for Valentines Day. 18.6 billion spent on this holiday. Feast Day of Saint Valentine; the celebration of love and affection. Speaking of love and affection ( tee hee) 11,000 children will be conceived? I guess the numbers don't lie.

I also thought it was interesting that 53% of women would end their relationship if the other person didn't acknowledge Valentines Day in some way. I think they should because if your just dating it's never going to get better if you get married. The fact of the matter is there should be love and romance in your relationship everyday. We really don't need a holiday to remind us, but there is one so lets have fun with it!!


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