Unfortunately for those of you who are scared of Friday the 13th, there is always one in a calendar year but never more than 3. This year 3 

Folks can be really scared to do certain things on Friday the 13th like use an elevator, fly, get married, spend money or even go to work. The fear of Friday the 13th being bad luck dates all the way back to biblical times.

Being reported by National Geographic, "...many people believe that ignoring superstitions, including Friday the 13th, is a dangerous choice that "tempts fate." "Once [superstitions] are in the culture, we tend to honor them," said Gilovich, adding, "You feel like if you are going to ignore it, you are tempting fate.

If people really believe in the superstitions or myths I like the idea of being a fourteen-er. Just think of all the dinner parties you could be invited to. Hey it's at least three this year! My question is why would you invite 13 people to a dinner party on Friday the 13th if you have a phobia about this day.


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