Do you know what every color of a rose represents? Some colors mean happiness, some mean love, and others suggest friendship. Don't send the wrong message!

The rose is a flower of love. Roses have been used for centuries to convey emotions. The beautiful simple rose with its intoxicating fragrance is a thoughtful way to send a heartfelt message.

  • Red Roses

    Red roses represent love, respect, courage, passion, and congratulations.

    A single red rose means "I Love You."

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  • Pink Roses

    Pink roses signify happiness, elegance, romance, admiration, grace, gladness, joy, sweetness, and thank you.

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  • White Roses

    White roses represent purity, happy love, secrecy, innocence, reverence, and worthiness.

  • Yellow Roses

    Yellow roses mean friendship, caring, welcome or welcome back, delight, promise of a new beginning, I care, remember me, and joy.

  • Peach/Orange Roses

    Shades of peach and orange roses signify appreciation, sincerity, gratitude, desire, enthusiasm, pride and modesty.

  • Yellow With Red Tip Rose

    This type of rose means you're falling in love. Lucky you!

  • Lavender Roses

    The lavender rose is romantic, mystical and a perfect color for any fairy-tale. It's said if someone gives you a purple rose it means they fell in love with you at first sight.

  • More About Roses

    A single rose of any color means simplicity and gratitude and utmost devotion.

    A red rosebud is symbolic of purity and loveliness.

    A white rosebud is symbolic of girlhood.

    A thorn-less rose means love at first sight.

    Two roses entwined together communicate 'Marry Me.'

    Six roses signify a need to be loves or cherished.

    Eleven roses assures the recipient they are truly and deeply loved.

    Thirteen roses indicate a secret admirer.

    Red and white roses given together signify unity.

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