If the snooze button is the worst invention known to man when it comes to actually waking up in the morning, then Clocky & Tocky are surely the best!

Like all other alarm clocks, Each sits quietly on your night stand telling time until you need them each morning, but the real fun starts AFTER they go off. You are allowed a single snooze (which you can also disable) but when each clock goes off the second time, be prepared to get out of bed for good!

CLOCKY has wheels and actually rolls off your side table beeping annoyingly and running around your bedroom (or farther) until you actually get out of bed to chase it down and shut it off.

TOCKY is similar but instead of rolling on wheels, it sort of jumps and bounces around and can actually play your favorties tunes or you can even record a voiceover to chide you into waking up.

Visit NandaHome to end your oversleeping issues (or someone's that sleeps near you) for GOOD!


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