While you're checking out all of the amazing Christmas display in your neighborhood this year, be sure to load up the car and head down the thruway to Rochester to check out this one of a kind display from Genesee Brewing Company. It's a Christmas tree built out of over 300 beer kegs. 

This one of a kind Christmas tree was constructed with 300 empty half-barrel stainless steel kegs, and covered with over 600 feet of LED green rope lights. According to the Democratic Chronicle, it was also capped by a rotating Genesee sign. The beer tree is over 23 feet tall. ,

Of course, the puns and jokes are flowing like Cream Ale. To steal a few:

"Have a beer-y Christmas and a tappy New Year."

"Now you know why Rudolph had a red nose.""

You can check out a photo of the tree on their Facebook page.