At 96.1 WODZ, many of us participate in a "Secret Santa" gift exchange with co-workers during the holidays. In many cases, when you you join in a workplace gift exchange, there's a $10 or $15 limit so you don't go broke. Need gift ideas for that colleague? (Re-gifting may be a bit tacky on this, especially if you recycle that fruit cake your Aunt Jenny gave you).

Santa with Christmas ball
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First, it's a good idea to ask your co-workers about the person you're buying for. Does he/she like books, music, jelly-of-the-month clubs (That's the gift that keeps on giving, Clark), or whatever? If they're no help, here are some ideas you might consider for your "Secret Santa" gift (under $10) that won't break the bank.

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"1. Gift card ($10) to a store or fast food restaurant

2. Personalized stationary

3. Picture frame

4.Coffee or tea mug

5. 2014 Calendar or desk calendar

6. Cool colored sharpies, Post-its and colored paperclip

7. Christmas Cookie Wreath - Decorate favorite christmas cookies to make into a wreath

8. Office survival gift basket - creative little odds and ends"

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