It's almost the weekend, which means Chili-Palooza will finally be here. You'll be sampling some great chili, some great beer, and hear some of the best live music CNY has to offer! After the event this weekend, let's be honest, you'll probably be nursing a hangover, and possibly a upset stomach. We have some tips on how to make it suck less!

Try one of these natural hangover remedies from

Drink A Lot Of Water: Have water while you're drinking and definitely drink water before bedtime. The hangover headache is due to dehydration, drink plenty of water this Saturday, and Saturday night.

Exercise: You won't want to get on the treadmill on Sunday, but once you start sweating the alcohol out of your system you will immediately start feeling better!

Take Ibuprofen: Stay away from Tylenol or any pain medication with acetaminophen, which is hard on the liver.

Sex: The release of endorphins during sex will make you feel much better. Giggity

Take Vitamins: Take a multivitamin with plenty of water to replenish vital nutrients lost throughout the day on Saturday.

Drink Skullcap Tea: Skullcap is an herb that may reduce hangover symptoms.

Before you can get the hangover, you got to get the beer. We have the full list of beers at Chili-Palooza here.