If you were lucky enough to head out to The Great New York State Fair during our Last Blast Of Summer Weekend (presented by First Source), maybe you got to try out the Big Kahuna Donut Dog. I did, and I can only describe it as Bacon Heaven on Earth for food. Here’s how I was told this tasty treat was made.The recipe is pretty simple. Your ingredients are pretty minor, and cook time doesn’t take all too long. Heaven on Earth isn’t complete without a maple glazed long john donut with a hot dog wrapped in bacon inside. If the idea of the maple glazed long john is too much, you can just get a bacon wrapped hot dog on a regular bun.



- A few strips of Bacon

- Hotdogs

- Maple Glazed donuts (or buns)

- Glaze to cover on your dog afterwards (this is optional).


1)      Begin grilling your hotdog

2)      Once your hotdog has been on the grill for a minute or two, begin grilling bacon. Only begin grilling bacon when you feel your hotdog is almost done. Don’t let bacon overcook or get hard, the bacon needs to be soft so you can wrap the hotdog around.

3)      Once your bacon and hotdog are cooked for your desire, begin to wrap the bacon around your hotdog.

4)      You can either eat this on a bun, or a donut. Either way you can’t go wrong!


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