How To Make Everything Chili
With Chili-Palooza 2012 right around the corner, we’ve been providing the best Chili recipes on the web. If you’re looking for a Chili that’s very tasty and is nutritious this is your chili. This everything chili is full of beans and veggies. What coul…
How To Make A Bacon Wrapped Hotdog
If you were lucky enough to head out to The Great New York State Fair during our Last Blast Of Summer Weekend (presented by First Source), maybe you got to try out the Big Kahuna Donut Dog. I did, and I can only describe it as Bacon Heaven on Earth for food. Here’s how I was told thi…
Bacardi Rum Chili- Feel The Burn And Buzz
With Chili-Palooza coming up on September 21s, it’s had me thinking of what possibly could be some the strangest Chili recipes. I’ve been able to locate a Boilermaker Chili, I’ve seen some with chocolate, but what about with booze? People use whiskey and wine to cook so why shouldn’t chili fall int…
Introducing Boilermaker Chili
Now Central New York is home of one of the biggest road races in the country, The Boilermaker. Now we are home to one of the biggest Chili cook offs with Chili Palooza. What happens if you combine the love of Chili with the love of Boilermaker? Introducing the Boilermaker Chili.
Enter Our Chili Cook-Off At Chili Palooza
Do you think your Chili is the best around? Do you have a special blend or recipe you use? Well it’s time for you to show it off and put your money where your mouth is! It’s time four our 2nd annual Chili-Palooza. We challenge you to a friendly Chili Cook off.
Hangover Remedies For Chili-Palooza
It's almost the weekend, which means Chili-Palooza will finally be here. You'll be sampling some great chili, some great beer, and hear some of the best live music CNY has to offer! After the event this weekend, let's be honest, you'll probably be nursing a hangover, and pos…
Amusement Rides Arrive at Chili-Palooza
Chili-Palooza comes to the Herkimer County fairgrounds tomorrow from 10AM-10PM. The highlight of the event will be music on two stages plus a chili cook-off featuring area fire departments.
For the kids, an amusement area has been set up featuring Hawkins Amusements and Lloyd's Concessions. The am…

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