Golden Corral is one of America's favorite buffets and they may be returning to Central New York. The proposed restaurant is planned for Syracuse and it would be the first time in over 10 years the franchise would be here in our neck of the woods.

According to,

The chain is proposing to construct an 11,097-square-foot restaurant on a vacant three-acre lot at 115 Simon Drive in Syracuse. The site is west of Lowe's and north of SEFCU, and would face Midler Avenue and Interstate 690.

What does this mean for our region? It's simple. When national chains open restaurant locations in our area, it is strategically planned. They don't just pick a random piece of available real estate and build a store. They have to study and dig deep into the feasibility of opening at a certain spot. I can only believe the progress being made not only in Syracuse, but Central New York as a whole, had a big impact on this decision. If not for the delicious buffet and steak, a new national business is big news.

Right now the restaurant has only been proposed and there is no word on if and when the location will be opening.

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