While the monies continue to get sorted out in the aftermath of Scott Weiland's passing, there is another party looking to collect on one Weiland's alleged infractions. According to TMZ, bus owner Daniel Smagacz is attempting to recoup costs incurred after Weiland took one of his vehicles on the road and allegedly returned it with $50,000 worth of damages.

According to the lawsuit that Smagacz filed, Weiland signed a contract holding himself responsible for the damages, but to date Smagacz has not been paid. The owner reports that he rented the bus to Weiland for 20 days in August 2013 and when the vehicle was returned the interior walls had been shot up with a BB gun. Smagacz says the electronics in the vehicle had also been fried, leading to a need for repairs.

Smagacz originally sued Weiland in 2014 before his death, also asking for another $100,000 in punitive damages. Now that Weiland has passed, he's going after the singer's estate in hopes of being compensated for the cost.

Weiland was found dead aboard a different tour bus on Dec. 3 of 2015 in Bloomington, Minn. It was later revealed that Weiland has passed from an accidental overdose of multiple drugs combined with factors from a cardiovascular disease, his history of asthma and prolonged substance abuse. He was 48.

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