LeeAdianez Rodriguez-Espada is only 12 years-old and can already say she's run a half marathon, even if it was by mistake.

The Rochester native who goes by 'Lee,' meant to run the 5K race in the Flower City Half Marathon but jumped in with the wrong runners. She didn't even know she was running the half marathon until 4 miles in, and decided to keep going.

Lee's mom Brendalee tells WHAM, "It was 1:30, she isn't crossing the line, the half marathon people are coming already and less from the 5K are coming. Then I see her with a medal and I thought, 'Oh my gosh, she ran the other one, like for real.' She is just 12-years-old and she decided to just keep running and not giving up."

Lee finished the 13.1 mile race in 2 hours and 43 minutes.

Now THAT'S perseverance!

Maybe Lee will make plans to run the Boilermaker next, named one of the top 15 iconic road races in America.

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