It’s just another typical day, cars jam up the streets as everyone tries to get to work. Suddenly the ground shakes, a huge explosion is seen and herd and with it the sound of a lethal glove scraping down a stringed instrument. People race out of their cars as a stream of blue light passes over head and destroys a building. Suddenly a massive reptilian foot slams to the ground. Everyone looks up to see the massive creature roar again and instantly everyone knows what it is. His return is coming; Godzilla is coming back to the big screen!

For 50 years Godzilla movies have come out of Japan thinks to Toho Inc., the makers of the Godzilla movies. From 1956, Toho has graced both western and eastern TVs with the big green monster ending in 2003 with "Godzilla: Final Wars". Many fans of the series will be happy to know that in 2014, he’ll return to the big screen thanks to director Gareth Edwards and Legendary Entertainment who is working closely with Toho Studios. Not much is known about the move except for the fact that Godzilla has a whole new look and just like the reboot in 1999 called Godzilla 2000, he’ll have a monster to fight.

As huge Godzilla fans, we're hoping it’s either King Geedorah or Anguirus. So, who is your favorite Godzilla monster or what is your Favorite Godzilla movie? The movie is scheduled to release on May 16th 2014. Without question, Godzilla needs another theatrical release but one question still remains, will it be the Godzilla from 1988 or the Godzilla of the old days with a man in a rubber suit? With the announcement of the Movie many fans are already making fan made trailers of the movie to get hyped up for it.



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