All of the trailers for 'Godzilla' have put emphasis on tone, showcasing the aftermath of epic monster rampages and giving us tons of close-ups of people whose days have been pretty much ruined. But this new TV spot does something a little different, selling the human story behind all of the chaos and destruction. Oh, and it does so while offering our best look yet at Godzilla himself.

The spot paints some familiar beats that will presumably be enhanced by the talented actors filling out the ensemble. Bryan Cranston is after the truth about Godzilla since the giant creature is somehow responsible for the death of his wife. Aaron Johnson is the soldier who has to leave Elizabeth Olsen behind in order to go help save the world. These are definitely familiar disaster movie cliches, but you've got to expect a few of those tropes when your movie is about Godzilla, the monster who practically created this entire genre.

And then there's Godzilla himself, appearing front and center in broad daylight to unleash his iconic roar. Okay, forget about The One Who Knocks and Kick-Ass, this is the real star of the show!

'Godzilla' will crush and fire breath your local theater into a big pile of rubble on May 16.

Watch the Official 'Godzilla' Trailer

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