With 'Godzilla' stomping into theaters next month, Legendary and Warner Bros. are helping us get better acquainted with director Gareth Edwards' vision for the monster via some interesting new featurettes that take you behind the scenes of this exciting new film. Where else are you going to see Bryan Cranston do his best impression of Godzilla's iconic roar? 

The above featurette focuses on Godzilla's very specific roar, which is unlike the sound any other movie monster makes. Edwards, along with producers and star Bryan Cranston discuss the iconic sound and creating it for the film, and they all give their best try at mimicking it themselves.

And while that featurette is pretty fun, the one below is a little more serious, with Edwards and the cast (including Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson) explaining the director's approach with the tone of the film. If you haven't seen Edwards' first feature, 'Monsters,' you might not be familiar with why he was hired to helm 'Godzilla' -- that film took a very realistic approach to the idea of our world being invaded by giant alien monsters and followed a journalist's harrowing journey as he tried to cross over the border from Mexico into the US.

As explained in the below featurette, Edwards is clearly taking a very similar realistic approach here: what would happen if a 300-foot-tall monster rose up from the ocean and attacked San Francisco? How would we react, and what would that look and feel like on scales (no pun intended) both large and personal? It's this very reason that has us incredibly pumped to see what Edwards has done with 'Godzilla' when it hits theaters on May 16.

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