Warner Bros. and Legendary are doing a great job stirring up excitement for 'Godzilla,' and today brings the first official clip from the film, which features the set-up for quite an impressive monstrous showdown -- it also informs us that Godzilla might not be the big baddie of this film after all. 

We've heard some things coming out of early screenings that seem to indicate that Godzilla isn't really the main antagonist of the new film, and this new clip sort of confirms that, as it features a discussion between Ken Watanabe's Dr. Ichiro Serizawa and David Strathairn's Admiral Stenz about the "alpha predator," AKA Godzilla. But the tone of their conversation and the action that follows leads us to believe that it's the other monsters that are the predominant threat, while Godzilla might just be the monster they're depending on to help contain the destruction.

What we see next is a giant, flying pterodactyl-type creature swooping into the city, as Godzilla rises up in the distance, ready to take on his opponent, while the people in the city below -- including Elizabeth Olsen -- frantically rush to take cover. That's a good idea, as that battle is going to be pretty epic.

'Godzilla' also stars Bryan Cranston, Juliette Binoche, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and hits theaters on May 16.

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