We'd be the first ones to talk your ear off about the future of movies being given the TV treatment, but the latest entry makes the idea surprisingly literal. A new report suggests that Steven Spielberg has hired 'Godzilla' writer Max Borenstein to develop a TV series based around 2002 PreCrime thriller 'Minority Report,' but will the adaptation end up arrested before it even begins?

Via The Wrap, Spielberg has supposedly begun developing a potential 'Minority Report' TV series with Amblin Television, though no side of the deal would offer any official confirmations on the subject, likely at least until Borenstein's deal closes. As with many other TV reboots, it's expected that a 'Minority Report' series would spin a new tale around either the film or Philip K. Dick's original source material, rather than adhere to any kind of continuity put forth by the 2002 Tom Cruise thriller.

At the very least, The Wrap's report suggests that a major name would be targeted for the leading role, similar to how Spielberg courted Halle Berry for CBS' ongoing future drama 'Extant.' Interestingly, any 'Minority Report' TV series would also have to contend with similar subject material from CBS hit 'Person of Interest,' as well as share a name with Comedy Central's forthcoming 'Colbert Report' replacement, 'The Minority Report.'

Oh, and for those unfamiliar with the film, Spielberg's original 'Minority Report' saw Tom Cruise as future "PreCrime" operative John Anderton, leader of a division that used several "PreCogs" to predict, and foil imminent future crimes. Anderton soon discovers a flaw in the system when his own name is predicted for an impending murder, beginning a race-against-the-clock plot with a cast that included the likes of Colin Farrell, Neal McDonough, Samantha Morton, Max von Sydow and more.

Shows like 'Hannibal' help remind us that TV can provide refreshing new takes on iconic film hits, making us more than amenable to the prospect of a 'Minority Report' TV series, but what say you? Do you think Spielberg could guide a successful adaptation of the film to fruition? How would you like to see a 'Minority Report' TV series handled? Watch the original trailer below, and give us your thoughts in the comments!

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