If it says "free", then I'm all for it.  Although, I did buy a fishing license for the first time in some years.  But I think this is a great idea if you only fish occasionally, or maybe you're trying fishing for the first time.

According to the DEC website, dec.ny.gov, New York offers free fishing throughout the state, three times this year.  You already missed the one in February, but there is another one coming up later this month, it's the weekend of June 25th and 26th.  The one after that will be in November.

So why free fishing?  It's simple, why do we see free anything?  Consider it a free sample, you try it out, you might find that you like it, and then you find yourself purchasing a fishing license and maybe even a boat and a new pole.  See where I'm going here?  Not only is this great advertising for the state parks, but also for the retailers who sell sporting equipment, right?  No brainer there.

More information you will find on the DEC website, is places to fish, fishing clinics, fishing regulations and more.  It even has information about taking kids fishing.  Check it out, you just might discover or re-discover an old or new passion.  See you on the water!