Looking for something fun and intriguing to do on a weekend? New York State parks are an incredible place to find things to do, many times there are free things to do too.

That is exactly what you'll be able to do either this weekend or next weekend. By cheap, we mean roughly around $20 to do. Whether you want to head out to a New York State park alone or with a significant other or bring the kids along too, there is something for everyone on the list below.

The best part, how many parks we have in the Empire State. That means even more places to get out of the house and have fun with no money, or next to no money spent. With the way things are in the world today, that is a huge plus. Prices seem to be skyrocketing on everything and a free activity to fight boredom is very cool. Plus, at these, you'll learn about things like wildlife to history throughout New York State.

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