Bears can and will look for food when you go camping, so it's up to us to store our food properly. Bears who become familiar with humans will become a  nuisance and may end up being killed.

General Tips

Never leave food, trash, or any scented items away from other animals. Never leave food unattended, jays, squirrels, and chipmunks can quickly snatch food in broad daylight, and other animals come foraging at night. from animals

During the day keep all your food secured in your cooler or car, even if you are sitting nearby or on a short trip to the, and especially if you are away on a hike.
At night place any loose food, plus a cooler if you have one, inside your car or truck or into a metal bear box if there is one. Raccoons and bears are very adept at opening some coolers. Some coolers manufacture claim certain models, though padlocks might be required. You can also hang a bag of food from a high tree branch or use or use a bear canister if bears are a known nuisance in the campground

Food Storage In The Back Country

If you decide to go where they don't have regulations, you can choose between 3 methods: using a provided metal food locker.
using a bear canister or bear bag and finally hanging your food on tree or pole

There are pros and cons for each way, but REI has most of the answers you're looking for and then some.


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