Ringo Starr's charm and sense of humor has earned him as many fans as his drumming over the years. Check out the below gallery featuring photos of the affable drummer from 1963 to the present day.

Sir Richard Starkey joined the Beatles in August 1962, replacing the fired Pete Best as the group prepared to record its debut single, "Love Me Do." In addition to being a more steady timekeeper, Starr's exuberant, dynamic drumming propelled the band's earliest songs. As the material became more complex, he followed suit, and his versatility and intelligence are evident on classics like "In My Life," "Rain" and "A Day in the Life."

There were also moments where he stepped out from behind the drum kit. Usually given only a single vocal lead on each album, he nonetheless made the most of his turn in the spotlight, with tracks like "Boys," "Act Naturally" and "With a Little Help From My Friends" among his best-loved numbers.

Starr also proved himself adept in front of the camera, winning plaudits for his performance in the Beatles' first movie, A Hard Days Night. The plot for their second, Help!, revolved around him. After the Beatles' breakup, he took the occasional acting role in between recording solo albums, starring in Son of Dracula, Caveman and on the children's TV show Shining Time Station, which introduced the world to Thomas the Tank Engine.

The gallery includes pictures from every aspect of Starr's decades-long career, including pictures with some of his famous friends, his first wife Maureen, second wife Barbara Bach and onetime girlfriend Nancy Lee Andrews. Check them all out below.

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