Utica Zoo has a new addition to their abundance of animals. They are pleased to announce the arrival of four new male Mexican Gray Wolves from California.

The four males will join the lone female wolf, Sierra, a long-time resident of Utica Zoo. The arrival of the new males wolves is the latest addition to the long history of Mexican Gray Wolves at the Zoo.

The decision to bring in the wolves came after the death of the wolf, Aztec. Utica Zoo Director of Animal Operations Pearl Yusuf says, "Even though it sometimes happens in the wild, ideally we do not want our animals – especially a species like Mexican wolves – to live without companionship. After Aztec passed, we were in touch with the right people to improve Sierra’s social quality of life."

The new wolves are all 2-year-old siblings that come from the California Wolf Center outside of San Diego. All Gray Wolves are owned by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and managed by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

According to a release from Utica Zoo Sierra,

was spayed and her reproductive organs were sent to AZA’s Reproductive Management Center in St. Louis, where they are cryopreserved. Part of AZAs Species Survival Plan is to collect and preserve reproductive material in order to assist in the production of endangered animals via artificial insemination. Further, the reproductive organs of her mother and sister, both Utica Zoo residents at one time, are preserved in the same facility.

Since 2000, Utica Zoo has been an active participant in the conservation and advancement of the species.

See More Photos of the Wolves Here

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