Brooks' Bar-B-Q is located in Oneonta and probably not a place you get to every day, so where do you buy your sauce? It's sold in grocery stores all over CNY.

While trying to replenish my Brooks Bar-B-Q Sauce supply for the summer grilling season, I started to panic because I couldn't find it. I was looking for the bottle pictured below.

Cindy McMullen/TSM

I said to myself "There's no way all these grocery stores are sold out, or worse, no longer selling it." Then I found it! My favorite Bar-B-Q sauce was right there in front of me with an updated label.

Cindy McMullen/TSM

I contacted Ryan Brooks, third generation to carry on the family business, and asked about the facelift and what does the 51 represent? He said the sauces with the new labels hit the shelves around January 2018.

We were established in 1951 and wanted to have that founded date be more recognized for the 3 generations of hard work. There has been a lot of evolution over the years as well as creativeness.

When's the last time you had their delicious chicken dinner?

Cindy McMullen/TSM

Brooks' is worth a drive from anywhere. Not only can you chow down on some great Bar-B-Q but you can also see the largest indoor charcoal barbecue pit in the East!

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