If you've ever fantasized about getting behind the wheel of a luxury sports car, don't let your dreams be just dreams anymore!

Pocono Raceway in Northeastern Pennsylvania is just over three hours from Utica and offers Xtreme Xperiences that let you check the most ultimate driving experiences off your bucket list. From Ferraris and Lamborghinis to McLarens, Porsches and more, Pocono Raceway has a full fleet of every car-lover's dream cars, and the chance to ride or drive them.

A ride-along in one of these epic cars starts at just $69, and the full driving experience starts at $199.

No experience is necessary, as Pocono Raceway's professional instructors "will teach you how to drive the racing line" and have the ultimate experience behind the wheel of one of these supercars.

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And the car you'll be driving is far from the only thing that's epic about this opportunity. Pocono Raceway is well-known among the racing community, and held some of the first NASCAR and INDYCar races after it was established in 1968. To this day, Pocono Raceway continues to host various car events every year, and will be home to a NASCAR double-header weekend in June 2021.

Pocono Raceway's Xtreme Xperiences run between July 16-18 and October 8-10 in 2021. Whether you're purchasing for yourself or the car-lover in your life, it will certainly be the experience of a lifetime no matter what car you choose!

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