Katy Perry has gone and done it and fallen into John Mayer's gravity, like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Love Hewitt and so many others before her, but apparently he only gave them all half of his heart (or a much smaller percentage).


He reportedly said what he needed to say last Friday night and told her that something's missing, shrugged his shoulders in a 'who did you think I was?' gesture and walked away. Now, she probably should've seen this relationship circling the drain from a long way off like the rest of us, but she was nowhere near wide awake, too caught up in her teenage dream to notice. I mean, if anybody tells you that your body is a wonderland you should be probably run for the hills, ESPECIALLY coming from the crooner who wrote it!

So, now John has ruined another of America's daughters and Katy probably feels like running through the halls of any building (much less her high school) and screaming at the top of her lungs, but all's she can really do now is just sit back and wait on the world to change because a part of her was given to the one that got away. After all, she is still breathing although barely and needs needs to stop thinking of him because he's so gay, or maybe she should just go back to kissing girls, cause she said she liked it... just sayin. :P

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