Would you consider me to be odd if I told you I like to travel around the State of New York, looking at various one of a kind roadside attractions, memorials and oddities? Well, I don't think it's such an odd thing to do.

Many of us like to look at things that may be a bit, or a lot out of the ordinary or carry an interesting part of local history, like Little Merrit's' tomb located at the Miller Cemetery in Oxford. According to the Scoop Whoop website, a young boy's tomb has a small window in it so he wouldn't be afraid of the dark. It's an interesting and touching story.

I checked out the internet in search of some other interesting places and things that exists in New York State that might be a bit on the odd or at least interesting side of life. One of them, I have visited in the past - The Cardiff Giant residing at the Farmer's Museum in Cooperstown.

Several years ago, I attended the wedding reception of one of my co-workers at the museum. To enter or leave the building, you have to pass by the Cardiff Giant laying in full view. A bit eerie to say the least.

Another sad, but historical place of note is, well, was in Elmira. According to the My Civil War website, there is a monument near the Chemung River on the Westside of Elmira for the long gone Civil War prison camp dubbed 'Hellmira.'  Confederate soldiers died at an alarming rate at the prison camp. It was overcrowded by almost twice the capacity and thousands died.

I've read up on the history of this prison camp and it's a very tragic part of the Civil War. I've been meaning to stop by the area where the monument and museum is to lean more about the history of the camp. While it's not a good part of history, it's one not to forget.

via My Civil War, Scoop Whoop, Cooperstown Farmer's Market

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