Declawing is a dangerous surgery where a cat’s toe bones and claws are removed. If the same procedure were performed on you, your finger would be amputated at the last knuckle.

The long-term physical impacts on a declawed cat are chronic pain, lameness, bone spurs, necrosis, nerve damage, aversion to using the litterbox (due to the cat’s pain in their paws), and increased biting (in compensation for the loss of claws). Many declawed cats end up in shelters due to the behavioral problems caused by declawing.

Thankfully a bill to ban declawing cats is making its way through the New York Legislature where the bill must pass a second committee before going to a vote in the Assembly.

Supporters include animal welfare advocates and many veterinarians while WKTV reports the state's largest veterinary association has opposed the bill, arguing that the procedure should remain the last resort for felines who won't stop scratching furniture or humans. 

FYI from All For Animals:

Declawing is illegal in most European countries, as well as Israel. In the U.S., many Californian cities have passed declawing bans, including Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Burbank, Culver City, Berkley and San Francisco.

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