As an animal lover and advocate, I will NEVER understand how someone can abuse an innocent dog who wants nothing more than to love you and be by your side. Dogs are so loyal that even after being abused, they still want to please their abusive owner. Only a despicable person can betray that pure and innocent love.

The Syracuse Police Department released this statement:

On February 5th, 2021, at around 2:25 A.M. Unknown suspects, driving a truck, discarded a presumed, deceased dog on the side of the road in the 100 block of Edison Street, SYR. The deceased dog shows signs of prior abuse and as a result, the Syracuse Police Department would like to find those responsible for dumping the dog and the prior abuse that happened to the animal. The vehicle is a 2018 or newer model white or light-colored Chevrolet Silverado with a double cab and chrome running boards with gold NYS license plates The deceased dog is an adult female American Bulldog mix. [Syracuse Police Department]


Syracuse Police Department

The dog pictured is not the deceased animal that is in this case, but they look very similar. Syracuse Police say the pictures of the dog were too graphic to show on social media.

Syracuse Police Department

Those with information should contact the Animal Cruelty Unit or 315-442-5336.

This person (people) need to be found and convicted. They will then be added to the Animal Abuse Registry on the Sheriff's website and legally, will no longer live with or own a pet. Onondaga County has an Animal Abuser Registry that was established in 2017 by an act of the Onondaga County Legislature. The complete law may be viewed here.

* Deceased pets should never be discarded in public. Beyond the obvious moral concerns, it also creates a health and safety hazard for the community. Arrangements for deceased pets should be coordinated through a veterinarian service.

Those with any information should contact the Animal Cruelty Unit or 315-442-5336.

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