This week the spotlight is on Shane Archer Reed from Oneida in CNY Bands That Rock.

Shane is a multifaceted entertainer with a bachelor of arts from SUNY Fredonia College. He can sing, act, teach, play multiple instruments and write songs. He's been performing in theatre since the age of 13 and has been vocally trained, operatically-trained, classically trained and trained in musical theatre. He's self-taught on many instruments including the guitar, piano, bass, and drums.

The band Shane Archer and the Harbingers are Shane, Will Pegg, Cassie Pray, and Taylor McDowell. They've recently released their first CD titled "I Defy You Stars" and is available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. The band was formed in 2016, and they've already performed with national touring acts such as The Stolen and with Mike Schiavo and Sarah Simmons from The Voice.

Shane tells us his original tune 'Catch My Breath' is inspired from his complete exhaustion while in college and came to him quickly. His song "Runaway" starts out as a dream and living in a fantasy world as an easy way out, but as we know, that doesn't work. It ends up as an inspirational tune about wanting something so bad you have to go out and get it.

We are pleased to partner with Big Apple Music in CNY Bands That Rock. Big Apple Music is a proud supporter of local musicians and bands.

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