Mitch, Seth, and Nash of The Old Main joined us for CNY Bands That Rock with an exclusive new song.

The Old Main have been together for about 3 1/2 years, and within that short amount of time, they've released 2 CDs available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon or in person at one of there shows. One of there favorite spots to jam is at the Woodland Farm Brewery who released a beer in their name to coincide with the release of the CD ' Too Far Gone.'

When asked how they got their name, Nash says "I knew a little bit about the history of Utica, that building was really cool, wanted something that was a regional tie, something that we were invested in, and worked in every town." Then Mitch and Seth chimed in saying "We're a little crazy so we named our self after a psychiatric center."

Watch Mitch on drums, Seth on guitar and harmonica, and Nash on the base play original tunes 'All Day To Get There, Blanket Made of Stars and Whisky Alibi.

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Bonus Video:

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