This week in CNY Bands That Rock, we hear original tunes from the Mutt Farm.

Mutt Farm is Mark Kehl (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Jamie Fox (keyboard), Lewis Kelliher (lead guitar), Michael Kowalewsky (bass), Kenny Webster (drums), and Amy Sharpe (vocals). They're an all-original, all-American band of talented musicians with decades of experience. They say their songs are sure to become instant favorites! This is how they describe themselves:

Mutt Farm is representative of America's melting pot. Ethnicity is moot. Peace for the good of all. Religion is objective, knowledge is power. No status or class. Share with all, care for all, joy to all. Character matters. Mutt Farm also represents the character of the pioneer, always exploring, providing for oneself and others, not dependent on others. You reap what you sow. Not reliant on the government or lawmakers to do right, but ourselves, to live as we please, harm to none. But, fear not, we will protect ourselves and our own. We are "Mutt Farm"

Mutt Farm plays original music written by Mark Kehl, founder of Mutt Farm. Mark is 55 and lives in Alder Creek, NY. He's a lead singer, plays rhythm and lead guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, and keyboards. Mark taught himself to play guitar 9 years old and has never looked back. He's played in a number of bands over the years including the Howling Dogs in Florida, and his first all-original project, the Alternative Hillbillies in Western, NY. He was a street musician in New Orleans and a limo driver for Billy Gibbons and Lone Wolf Productions while living in Houston, TX. 

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Bonus VIdeo:

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