Christian Lyon grew up in Dolgeville and now lives in Hollywood with his beautiful family. Yes, Christian is an actor, and he's had great success this year. 

Christian played a medic in the Extendables, a bartender and stunt man in The Replacements, but this year he acted in 'How to Get Away with Murder', 'Shameless', 'Animal Kingdom' and more. The Animal Kingdom 2 hour season premiere is June 14 at 9/8c on TNT. You'll see Christian in the first scene of the trailer below.

Christian has been working on a script based on his experiences growing up in the Dolgeville area. He had a reading with Dorris Roberts at her home, along with Harry Hamlin, Rich Redmond (Drummer with Jason Aldean), and others. All were excited about where Christian is going with the script.

Christian and his family had a difficult time with the passing of Dorris Roberts this year. He and Dorris were really good friends but say's he has a lot of great memories with her. He's thankful she got to do what she loved right till the very end.

Thanks for stopping in the catch-up Christian. See you next Year!

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