Christian Lyon from Dolgeville, now living and acting in California, will be on the Bold and Beautiful this week.

The only thing he can tell me about the role is he plays a detective and will be airing on July 22. After shooting his crime scenes, he tweeted a picture of himself in his detective uniform, and Christian said "The Bold and Beautiful twitter cops" made him take it down. When it comes to the soap opera business, there is no leaks or spoilers allowed from the cast.

For those of you who watch the Bold and Beautiful on CBS at 1:30 be looking for Christian Lyon as a detective on Wednesday, July 22.

Take a listen to our chat about the Bold and Beautiful.

Shortly we will talk more about the script Christian is currently working on. Harry Hamlin and Doris Roberts are just a few of his celebrity friends that are excited about the possibility of shooting it in our area.

Photos courtesy of Christian Lyon

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